9/22/2011 — Pisgah California volcanic plumes 2 months later = “Gold mines and fault lines”


my email response…RE: pisgah “event” .. thats what THEY call it.. pdf at the bottom of this email

the white “hole” is a new addition to the old pisgah mine… im starting to think there IS something man made going on there. but NOT military…

how about clandestine GOLD MINING ?!!! as recent as 2002?!


or how about the large earthquake (7.1 in 1999) connection to THAT SPOT ! Here is my original video from the first plume..

coordinates listed below the video when I made the first video… 34 34 0 N , 116 17 26 W

notice the spot the plume comes from.. south east of pisgah crater in the back country… then look at the USGS coordinates of the large 7.1Magnitude earthquake in 1999 34.60°N 116.27°W… looks like the same spot as the original plumes!!!

here’s the USGS stats on the 7.1 from 1999 at the plume epicenter..



and check out this pdf..