12/18/2015 — BREAKING : Asteroid [ 2015 YB ] set to skim Earth in 1 day or less at 0.2 Lunar Distance

News is breaking that a newly discovered asteroid named 2015YB will be narrowly skimming past Earth at 0.2LD (lunar distance) within the next day (December 18, 2015).

Asteroid 2015 YB was discovered only 2 days ago, and has been rated at a condition code of “9” by professionals , which unfortunately is the greatest on a scale which normally only sees a few nines per year.

The distance of 0.2 LD (lunar distance) means that the Asteroid should pass about 40,000 miles from Earth, or roughly 20% of the distance between the Earth and the moon.

Another way to say it is:  The asteroid will pass between the Earth and the moon at a distance of about 40,000 miles / 64,000 km.

[UPDATE 900pm CT , December 18, 2015]

The size of the Near Earth Object (NEO) is being reported to be approximately 60 feet / 18 meters across, and will pass at somewhere around 2am ET (eastern).  This information may be subject to change at a moments notice as more information becomes available.

Information from JPL / NASA  : http://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/sbdb.cgi?sstr=2015%20YB&orb=1

Orbital Elements at Epoch 2457372.5 (2015-Dec-16.0) TDB
Reference: JPL 1 (heliocentric ecliptic J2000)

 Element Value Uncertainty (1-sigma)   Units 
e .5645463224474531 0.010662
a 1.840917782356081 0.038719 AU
q .8016344183988349 0.0027695 AU
i 6.689951015756286 0.11795 deg
node 87.24729172524775 0.056925 deg
peri 60.68317619116511 0.11436 deg
M 342.4649303918351 0.64256 deg
tp 2457416.938051664577
0.22645 JED
period 912.3259249452136
n .3945958238790797 0.012449 deg/d
Q 2.880201146313328 0.060578 AU
Orbit Determination Parameters

   # obs. used (total)   10
   data-arc span   1 day
   first obs. used   2015-12-16
   last obs. used   2015-12-17
   planetary ephem.   DE431
   SB-pert. ephem.   SB431-BIG16
   condition code   9
   fit RMS   .64695
   data source   ORB
   producer   Otto Matic
   solution date   2015-Dec-17 07:12:02

Additional Information

 Earth MOID = .000349905 AU
 T_jup = 3.802

Full main stream media report on this new Asteroid here:


It is worthy to note, not too long ago we had another short warning for an Earth skimming asteroid…. that Asteroid was 2012 DA14…  and on the same day that 2012 DA14 passed by Earth, a giant meteor came down in Russia. 

The officials at the time (2013) said that the meteor in Russia was not related to the close 0.1 – 0.2LD pass by of 2012 DA14… but I think we all know they denied the relation because they had said publicly that 2012 DA14 would not hit or cause any damage

Then Russia got hit.

Obviously professionals were 100% wrong to say a full year ahead of time that “nothing” would happen at that close of a distance… now we know better.

Keep watch for increased meteor fireball activity, upper atmosphere explosions, and possible (actual) meteor impacts on a small scale.

Just like Russia in 2013, the full Asteroid might pass by, but the other debris traveling with the Asteroid could impact, and cause serious damage.

Don’t worry too hard on this, but keep watch for increased activity in the skies over the next few days for sure!

Above: February 2013 a giant meteor crashed through the atmosphere above Russia on the same day a 0.1 – 0.2 lunar distance object passed by Earth (Asteroid 2012 DA14)

12/14/2015 — Texas struck by rare M3.0 fracking earthquake at huge pumping operation

12/14/2015 — Texas struck by rare M3.0 fracking earthquake at huge pumping operation

Just as the people of Texas were warned to watch out for, now a rare M3.0 earthquake has struck the fracking operations located in the South Central portion of the state.

yellowstone idaho cern-SPACEWAR-LCH sandhook haarpd78

Texas was warned , quite literally named out the state to watch out for new activity to strike.   The forecast said that Texas would see new movement at their fracking operations this week due to craton pressure coming from the West, moving to the East.

Like clockwork, within a few days the seismic movement has now spread Eastward into Texas.

See the warning for Texas here:

Information on this earthquake from the USGS:

Magnitude/uncertainty 3.0 mb_lg± 0.1
Location/uncertainty 29.229°N 97.513°W± 6.3 km
Depth/uncertainty 5.0 km± 2.0
Origin Time
Number of Stations
Number of Phases 17
Minimum Distance 50.43 km (0.45°)
Travel Time Residual 0.41 sec
Azimuthal Gap 152°
FE Region Southern Texas (500)


12/13/2015 — 24 hr Earthquake progression across over 6,600 miles of the West Pacific — Japan at Center

12/13/2015 — 24 hr Earthquake progression across over 6,600 miles of the West Pacific — Japan at Center

A noticeable progression of earthquakes centering around Japan has occurred over the past 24 hours (up to 1045pm CT 12/12/2015).

The movement appears to be centered around North Japan at the border of Kamchatka Russia.

Seen in the graphic below, a large displacement is taking place from the far Southwest Pacific (Indonesia) across Taiwan, Japan, Kamchatka Russia / Kuril Islands, finally terminating in the Aleutian islands of Alaska.

yellowstone idaho cern-SPACEWAR-LCH sandhook haarpd77

The earthquakes on each “side” of the movement are both M4.4 events, with a direct line measurement of 6,616 miles (10,647km) between both points.

This graphic from google Earth shows the direct line measurement in miles, clearly the whole West Pacific showed movement in just 1 days time.

distance between plate movement december 12 2015

Between both points across the West Pacific we see that a progression of M4.4, M4.5 earthquakes struck almost equidistantly spaced — growing in magnitude around the region of North Japan / Kamchatka Russia.

[The actual distance of the plate boundary in question is much greater than 6,600 miles due to the bending of the plate boundary — if we’re being precise about the movement, the distance should include 500-800 miles if you count the small twists and turns the faults make going from Indonesia to Alaska.]

This could be pointing towards a larger Pacific event in the near term if the pressure does not transfer elsewhere to release.

The earthquake forecast video issued for this week covered the area of the West Pacific, specifically calling for large earthquakes to strike two regions — one region named was the area around Papua New Guinea / SE Indonesia (which was hit by a M7.0 earthquake a few days ago), the other location in the West Pacific which was named out to watch for larger movement was Japan.

Japan is now showing noticeable movement on all sides.

As was mentioned above , a large earthquake already struck one of the locations warned in the forecast video:

m7.0 silent area papua new guinea dec 9 2015
December 9, 2015 – Large M7.0 (m6.9) earthquake strikes one of the warned areas in the West Pacific.


After already seeing one of the locations hit by a M7.0 earthquake (Indonesia), like clockwork the pressure has spread out across the whole West Pacific region, and now we see Japan at the center of a plate wide movement event.

Let’s hope that’s all she wrote on this movement, that the pressure spreads out, and things quiet down…. right now, unfortunately, things appear to be building up to a larger Pacific earthquake in the next few days into this coming week.

See the full earthquake forecast video calling for Northwest + Southwest Pacific activity at these locations:

The progression of earthquakes is being caused by the ultimate upwelling pressure from BELOW the Pacific plate.

As described in the above video, the deep movement from below the plate several day ago (December 7-8) has now caused the large M7.0 in Indonesia, and the progression of earthquakes from Indonesia spanning across Japan into Alaska.

Summed up, the deep M5.8 earthquake from 5-6 days ago, shown in the above video, caused a shallow M7.0 earthquake in Indonesia, which then displaced the whole Western portion of the plate – causing the progression of earthquakes we are currently talking about.

The earthquake forecast video fully explained how a deep earthquake causes a shallower larger earthquake, which then displaces the plate, causing other large earthquakes within days of the whole process of movement beginning from DOWN BELOW the plate.

Everything talked about in the video is happening now.   Earthquake progression across vast distances cannot be denied by Geologists / Seismologists any more.   At this point, this should be enough proof.

The past examples of plate wide progression of earthquakes which I have documented can be found here:





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