Genetically Modified Society : Full Movie (1080p HD)

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Our documentary covering the topics of Genetically Modified food (GMO’s) , and Weather Modification.

Full running time : 1hr 24min



Featuring interviews with:

Dr. Louis Uccellini – Director of the National Weather Service (NWS)

Dr. Russell Schneider – Director of the Storm Prediction Center (SPC / NOAA)

Tom Vilsack – US Secretary of Agriculture (USDA)

Michael Levi – Spokesperson for the Council on Foreign Relations

Dr. Rosalind Peterson – ADC President

Dr. Joel Gruver – Professor of Agriculture WIU

Dr. Kent Bradford – Professor of plant sciences UC Davis

Hon. Luc Gnacadja – Secretary of United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse – Rhode Island (D)

Also interviews with Representatives of Cargill / Monsanto, multiple Non-GMO activists, and entrepreneur / startup food co-ops.


(full running time 1hr 24min)

Directed by:

Julio N. Rausseo

Produced by:

Michael Janitch (dutchsinse)


Also available on Vimeo:


Cheers to Julio Rausseo for all he’s done, and again, thanks to those who gave to make these things happen.


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