9/14/2015 – Japan Volcano Eruption Update | 阿蘇山が噴火 現地と噴火の瞬間映像

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About 30 minutes ago (900am CDT) a M5.2 earthquake struck NW Nevada near the dormant volcanoes we’ve been looking at for the past several months.

The earthquake struck near Bitner Butte Volcano and Blowout Mountain….

The USGS then did almost a FULL MAGNITUDE DOWNGRADE on the earthquake.. taking it down to M4.5……

“Nothing to see here folks, keep moving.. nothing to see here!!!!!”


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A noteworthy M4.2 (M4.0 revised) earthquake has struck between Mount Rainier Volcano and Glacier Peak Volcano — East of downtown Seattle Washington, near Snoqualmie, WA.


This is one of the larger earthquakes to strike the area over the past year… there was just one other M4.4 which struck two weeks ago.

This new M4.0+ movement over the past 2 weeks shows that the Pacific Northwest is under renewed stress, meaning we need to be on watch for adjacent nearby areas to possibly show larger movement over the next week.

This puts Vancouver BC (to the North), and California (to the South) in the mix over the next several days. We need to be on watch for similar (or larger) magnitude releases along the adjacent faults to this location in Washington State.


After several months with no activity.. Mexico has now been hit by a large M6.7 earthquake.

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Nearby Cities

  1. 59km (37mi) SSW of Topolobampo, Mexico
  2. 79km (49mi) SSW of Los Mochis, Mexico
  3. 85km (53mi) SW of General Juan Jose Rios, Mexico
  4. 86km (53mi) SSW of Ahome, Mexico
  5. 955km (593mi) SSE of Phoenix, Arizona


Mount Aso Eruption underway in Japan. Disaster management team news conference and more.
Mount Aso on Japan’s southwestern island of Kyushu erupted on Monday at around 9:43 AM local time.

An NHK camera near the volcano captured images of black smoke rising high above the crater.

The Meteorological Agency says the smoke rose as high as 2,000 meters. Officials observed large rocks flying near the eruption.
The agency has issued an alert level of 3 on a scale of 5. Level 3 means ‘do not approach the volcano.’
The agency is calling for caution against falling volcanic rocks and pyroclastic flows in areas within about 2 kilometers of the crater.

The government has set up a task force in the prime minister’s office.