8/20/2014 — Large fissure opens in North Mexico — 1km long / 8 meter (24 feet) deep

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Here are some of the news reports. They basically say the same thing. That it’s a GRIETA or a fault line and that they are expecting a larger quake anytime soon.






A large fissure opened in North Mexico this week.

Above: Drone footage of a giant 1km long / 8meter (24 feet) deep fissure which opened near Costa de Hermosillo, Mexico – North Mexico near Baja

This major story has been overlooked by main stream media, however this event is a HUGE development in the seismic story unfolding before our eyes.

The fissure occurred along the Costa de Hermosillo, in Sonora Mexico:


In the past few days, I have put out multiple earthquake updates revealing the movement to the North in the United States.

We were specifically looking for large movement to occur South of the Salton Sea / Baja Mexico.  As it turns out, it appears the movement occurred just as expected.

The activity over the past week in the United States led me to say this:

“Expect some form of larger earthquake either to the far Northwest tip of the craton in British Columbia, or to the far Southwest tip near Salton Sea.”

Above: August 15, 2014 – Large fissure reaching over 1km (8 meteres / 24 feet deep) in a North South direction along the coast of Mexico – Costa de Hermosillo / Baja Sonora Mexico

The movement along the North American craton is obvious.  Showing signs of stress at multiple dormant volcanic areas, and even below an active coal mine in Utah (yesterday).

Main stream media running “prepare for the big one” news pieces in San Diego, California recently.  Now worthy to consider preparations considering this news of major seismic activity forming a fissure in Mexico.

Here is the media telling people to prepare.


This news, on top of the other unrest occurring in Iceland, leads me to tell you, be prepared !