8/10/2013 — The video that got my account terminated — Huntsville RADAR mystery = BAE Systems, DECIBEL RESEARCH Inc., Raytheon

Watch the “controversial” and “objectionable” video which led to my account termination here:

dutch bae



Click the link below to watch “Huntsville RADAR mystery = BAE Systems, DECIBEL RESEARCH Inc., Raytheon”






This is the ONLY notice I received — according to youtube , they can remove your account with JUST ONE community guideline violation (if it is serious enough).

screenshot of the youtube “violation”:

youtube notice


(screenshot of the topic of the video):

huntsville radar mystery






Here is the original “Huntsville RADAR mystery” post from June 5, 2013:





UPDATE 200pm CT Aug 10, 2013 / This video attachment below is not playing now for some reason… wth?!

Click the above link, and try to watch on the main player page.. or wait to see if the below videos load.

LOL @ trying to stop this — funny all the other videos on this site play just fine.