6/28/2012 — Record heat wave Weather share — 106F / 41C — St. Louis Missouri

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Rolling blackouts in west St. Louis Missouri  — Ballwin, MO zipcode 63011 — First hand report from my wife.. electricity off for about 30 minutes today at 4pm CDT — hottest part of the day.   Upon her call to the power company.. the customer service rep. said power would be back on at 930pm !!

The power then came back on within 15 minutes of the call to the company.  I don’t know how many others are still without power.  NOT GOOD on a record heat day !  Lets hope 930pm is just a blanket statement.

Topping out at 108F / 43C in some areas… 14% humidity .. winds out of the SW at about 5-7mph .. pressure at 29.80 steady ..  is Missouri the new Arizona / New Mexico?!  Lets hope not… but for the next several days, it sure will seem to be !

Forecast 100F+ degree temps for the next several days (at least four days).

Be aware of large wildfire threat, excessive heat, damaging heat (cars , pets, plants , lawns etc.. ).  Also check on elderly, and be aware of your personal heat limits… everyone responds a bit differently to heat.. some can take it.. others drop out in minutes…