5/30/2012 — BE ALERT! Severe weather outbreak = Tornadoes, Damaging winds, Large Hail

video here:


Use the links here to monitor severe weather nationally and internationally:


Tornadoes, damaging winds, and large hail — across multiple states — have a plan and be prepared now !

Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, South Wisconsin, Indiana, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia —- all either have damaging winds / hail / possible tornadoes …. or will have these storms over each state within the next 24 hours.


UPDATE 1210am cdt 5/31/2012:

2nd line of storms breaking out in the west portion of Oklahoma heading southeast into Texas — damaging winds / hail detected

screenshots at 1210am cdt 5/31/2012:


UPDATE 1000pm cdt 5/30/2012:

Possible tornado just west of Kansas City MO — midwest and south USA under severe watches and warnings (hail, damaging winds, possible tornadoes) damaging winds in Iowa (davenport) heading into Illinois:

screenshots at 10pm CDT 5/30/2012:


screenshot at 730pm CDT 5/30/2012:


screenshots at 510pm CDT 5/30/2012: