4/30/2012 — ‘HAARP rings’ / ‘Circle sweeps / Scalar Square outbreak = watch for 48-72 hrs

Watch the video here:


UPDATE at 400 and 430pm CDT 5/1/2012:

Confirmation #7: Cincinnati Ohio to be hit directly — also see the confirmed NWS tornado warnings going right into cincinnati  — and Virginia being hit with Hail and Damaging winds:

Screenshot at 430pm CDT 5/1/2012 — tornado detected directly over cincinnati:

screenshots at 357pm CDT 5/1/2012:


UPDATE 245pm CDT 5/1/2012:

Confirmation #6: Cincinnati Ohio , Central Indiana heading ENE towards Cleveland OH Tornado watches issued by the NWS .. hail and damaging winds as well as tornado WARNINGS issued by the NWS:  also Hail at the border of KY, and WV :

Screenshots at 250pm CDT 5/1/2012:


UPDATE 725am CDT 5/1/2012:

Confirmation #5: Wichita Kansas to Topeka Kansas – hit with damaging winds, and hail hardest part of the storm directly over the effected frequency injection area :

Screenshot at 740am CDT 5/1/2012 hail:

Screenshot at 725am CDT 5/1/2012 damaging winds and hail:


UPDATE 720am CDT 5/1/2012:

Confirmation #4: Saint Louis hit with hail and damaging winds: strongest part of the storm no less — goes DIRECTLY over the St. Charles MO Weldon Springs NEXRAD

Screenshot at 720am CDT 5/1/2012:


UPDATE 1145pm CDT 4/30/2012:

Confirmation #3:  All areas that were under the scalar square / circle sweep / HAARP ring outbreak are being hit: OK, Southeast KS, and MO:

screenshots at 1145pm CDT 4/30/2012:

Notice the track of the current storm will take it directly through the area hit with frequency yesterday and the day before:


UPDATE 630pm CDT 4/30/2012:

Confirmation #2:  Possible tornado over Lake Erie just north of Ohio, and tornado watches issued for yesterdays HAARP ring outbreak area in KS, OK, TX and soon to be in MO:

screenshot at 630pm CDT 4/30/2012:


UPDATE 445pm CDT 4/30/2012 :

Confirmation update #1:  Damaging winds, Possible Tornadoes, and large hail in NW Texas, south central Kansas , Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia:

screenshot at 445pm CDT 4/30/2012:


Here is more information on the topic of frequency induced weather modification from ground based systems:


here are some good past examples of correct forecasts using the ‘HAARP ring / Circle sweep’ method:


Screenshots @ 200am CDT 4/30/2012:

Make note of each above effected area — watch for up to 72 hours.  Normally we’ve been seeing each ring/square epicenter receive Damaging winds, hail, and possible tornadoes within 3 days of the point of the frequency flash occurring.

use the weather monitoring links here to stay up to date on developments, or to possibly catch these RADAR signatures while taking place realtime: