3/31/2015 — Villarrica volcano in Chile set to erupt again — Evacuations ordered

At the start of March (2015), a large eruption occurred at Villarrica volcano in Chile.

New evacuation orders have been issued for the area surrounding Villarrica due to a major chance of another large eruption.

March 3, 2015 , Villarrica volcano erupts in Pucon, Chile.

Short video of the eruption from the start of March 2015:


March 31, 2015

“Chile is issuing an alert over increased activity at Villarrica volcano.

The 9,000-foot (2,847-meter) volcano is located in Chile’s central valley some 400 miles (670 kilometers) south of Santiago. It’s one of South America’s most active, and it has a lava lake within its crater.

Tens of thousands of people live nearby, and it’s a popular tourist and skiing destination.

National volcanic surveillance chief Luis Lara said Monday that “there’s a high chance of active eruptive activity.”

Meanwhile, the national emergency office says it has been preparing plans in case evacuations are necessary. (AP)”