3/31/2014 — “HAARP rings” from yesterday hit today — Oklahoma and Missouri hail / possible tornadoes

Currently, as of 8pm CT, March 31 2014, hail and damaging winds are breaking out across the Oklahoma-Missouri bi-state region.

This “unexpected” severe weather has developed inside the Western portion of the “HAARP ring” / RADAR pulse ionization effected area, directly over Tulsa Oklahoma and Southeast Iowa.

Moving East by Northeast, these strong cells will be pushing (and developing further) inside the other radio frequency effected areas from yesterday.

haarp ring confirmation oklahoma march 31 2014

No official publicly marked watch areas from the NWS leading up to this, and no warnings issued now……. even though we have multiple confirmations of hail / damaging winds.   Why is this?


As of 905pm CT , March 31 2014, a possible tornado was detected over Tulsa Oklahoma, rather “unexpected” by the National Weather Service.

But expected by us as of yesterday (if you were paying attention to the posts I’m making on facebook).

haarp ring confirmation tulsa oklahoma march 31 2014


This has happened HUNDREDS of times before, all the previous  documentations of frequency induced / influenced weather can be found here:



Curious how radio frequency can influence the weather via ionization, and heating?



Maybe reading is just asking too much of the average viewer / listener… if that’s the case, you can begin your journey into weather modification discovery here: