3/30/2015 — South Florida sprayed by Jet trails — STORM detected after spraying!

Jet aircraft just sprayed South Florida with something.  Sprayed with what?  That is the question of the century.

A fleet of aircraft took off from the Gulf of Mexico and flew across Florida heading out into the Atlantic ocean.  The fleet of jet aircraft deposit a lingering series of “trails” as they take off , and fly out into the Atlantic.


This (could be)”chaff” as one might see done over a military base to hide top secret activities –but this covered the entire Southern portion of the state (not just a military base) and caused a STORM RETURN to be designated by the storm tracking computer software used by multiple services like the Weather Channel.

storm on a clear day key west march 30 2015a

We have seen this happen before.


Other views from velocity on the NEXRAD show the winds effect on the trails after they spread out.


So, what are these trails, and why are they covering the whole of South Florida?

It was a clear day, thus whatever is being sprayed is NOT visible to the human eye.   hmm..

storm on a clear day key west march 30 2015a1