3/30/2012 — Giant plume of something in Arkansas — no video analysis — just a shot of the event

watch the video here:

here are the coordinates of the general plume epicenter.. SULPHUR MOUNTAIN… hmm… 36° 5’37.42″N , 93° 2’18.12″W

Since when do “control burns” cause shockwaves or mini-storm fronts? .. borderline plume fallout —to me, it looks like an ash pyroclastic flow from above.. whatever it is.. it plumes up and then billows out.. and then becomes top heavy and “falls out” into a “flow” .. much like an ash cloud during an eruption would do.

no analysis — you can form your own opinion on what this is… at this point.. im tired of being the whipping boy for delivering the video on the occurrence .. you decide for yourself.. you think this is a fire.. fine.. you think this is a thunderstorm.. fine.. you think this is military testing.. fine.. you think this is volcanic activity.. fine.. you think this is related to fracking.. fine.. you think this is just a foggy day.. FINE…

whatever.. Im just showing you whats on satellite that stands out as odd.

Seen on 1km VISIBLE Satellite view of Arkansas — 3/30/2012 — http://weather.cod.edu/satrad/index.php