1/31/2012 — Chicago, IL — Sonic Booms, Nuclear Event, and Earthquake = Fukushima Theory

watch the video update here:


Right about now, you’ve got to have your suspicions raised …. First a Nuclear event — loss of power … venting all day/night (1/30/2012) … THEN a series of reports of some kind of “sonic boom” last night (1/30/2012)…. Then early this AM… an earthquake in the same area…

Arto Lauri — the scientist who first spoke on the frequency manipulation of radioactive particles in the air… stripping electrons .. sending that energy via earths magnetism down into the earth… thus causing earthquakes and underground movement.

Also, the impacting of the methane layer — From Fukushima spreading around the world at SEVERAL nuclear sites:

here is the Fukushima theory video by Arto Lauri:


Here are the earthquake statistics from the USGS: LOOK AT THE DEPTH (those of you following this man made earthquake phenomenon will know what Im talking about .. 3miles deep!)

Magnitude 2.4 – ILLINOIS

2012 January 31 03:54:43 UTC

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Earthquake Details

  • This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.
Magnitude 2.4
Location 42.340°N, 88.243°W
Depth 5.1 km (3.2 miles)
Distances 17 km (11 miles) E of Woodstock, Illinois
33 km (20 miles) W of Waukegan, Illinois
73 km (45 miles) NW of Chicago, Illinois
305 km (190 miles) NNE of SPRINGFIELD, Illinois


Here are the links to the other two reports I’ve done on this today (1/30 and 1/31/2012):

Radioactive steam venting towards Chicago:


Earthquake northwest of Chicago (50 miles from nuclear reactor):


My personal assessment of this developing situation:


Sonic booms reported:


rom Kerry’s Blog: This just in: a contact from Chicago just reported SONIC BOOM or something like that…

Posted By: Revel [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 31-Jan-2012 01:01:55

January 30, 2012

This just in: a contact from Chicago just reported SONIC BOOM or something like that…

He says felt over wide area shattered windows. He said the following…

“It looks like a small quake in Wisconsin. But the strange thing was that someone around San Francisco said he heard the same thing at the same time? Anyway, this was felt and heard for about 100 miles around this site.”


Just received this video link… reported problem at a nuclear power plant TODAY in the same general area…

click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=OsffP3ZQRbQ

This is beginning to look suspicious.