10/25/2015 — Mount Rinjani Volcano erupts in Indonesia — New unrest showing in the Pacific

After several weeks with no noteworthy seismic activity, the West Pacific roared back to life this week with a M7.2 earthquake in Vanuatu, and now we have reports of a new eruption in Indonesia at Mount Rinjani volcano.

This new unrest follows multiple weeks of silence when it comes to earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions.

A full earthquake forecast was issued for the West Pacific on October 20, 2015.  The forecast called for new large movement to begin , additionally the progression of earthquakes across the West Pacific was discussed.   See the forecast video here:

See the video on the progression of earthquakes across the West Pacific here:

The threat of eruptions in Indonesia always follows the deep earthquake activity in the West Pacific, and shallow larger earthquakes.

First we see deep movement occur below the Pacific plate, then we see shallower larger earthquakes strike the areas adjacent to the deep movement, then (ultimately) we see the other areas adjacent to the large earthquake show volcanic activity, or large additional compensation earthquakes.

Screenshots below from Google Earth show the smaller cone inside the larger volcanic caldera of Mount Rinjani.

mount rinjani close up

mount rinjani 1

Lombok’s Mount Rinjani Closed as Lesser Volcano Erupts


“Jakarta. Authorities in West Nusa Tenggara have closed off the Rinjani National Park to the public after a volcano in the area erupted on Sunday morning.

Mount Barujari, located in the crater lake of Segara Anak, just east of the better-known Mount Rinjani, erupted at 10:45 a.m. local time, spewing material some 200 meters into the air, several media outlets reported.

Rinjani observation post chief Mutaharlin told Tempo that officials had evacuated hundreds of climbers and Hindu worshipers planning to perform a religious ceremony at the lake.

Barujari, part of the same volcanic system as Rinjani, which towers at an elevation of 3,700 meters above sea level, was first formed from a 1944 explosion of the main volcano.

An eruption in 1994 further developed the Barujari volcano, which now rises to an elevation of 2,300 meters above sea level.”

10/26/2015 — Past 7 days of earthquake activity shows MAJOR UNREST taking place

The past 7 days of international earthquake activity shows MAJOR unrest taking place after weeks of relative silence.

The graphic below shows all events M4.0 > greater (internationally), and M3.0 > greater (United States). Clearly the whole of the West Pacific, Asia, and even the United States was displaced along plate boundaries.

past 7 days of earthquakes oct 26 2015

According to the earthquake forecast issued on October 20, 2015, we are still watching Central America for a larger event to strike.

The Pacific Northwest was already hit by a M4.8 earlier this week, and two swarms near volcanoes (Mount Diablo / San Francisco CA) and Mount Davis (Oregon).   Additionally, several M3.0 events struck at the Gorda Escarpment in North California as well.

See the earthquake forecast video here, several of the areas which were called for movement have already been hit:


Keep watch still in North California… just in case… no way things will immediately die down around the Pacific after seeing two M7.0+ events in the past few days, and a new round of deep earthquakes striking this morning — this means we’re not out of the woods yet.

East Pacific MUST move in relation to the other M7.0+ events, and the deep events which have now struck in succession of one another.

This much deep movement means the whole Pacific Plate will adjust, right now the pressure transferred WEST from the West Pacific (like Normal) towards Europe. The cluster spot near Pakistan / India / Afghanistan gave way today.. the pressure will also transfer across the Pacific plate to the United States, Central America, and South America.

We should see things spill across over the next 1-2 days tops. This brings us to the end of the earthquake forecast period, but NOT to the end of the pressure event taking place.

I’ll have to do another forecast come Wednesday and update accordingly based upon the deep movement happening now.

This much deep movement means the Pacific Rim countries need to be on heightened alert.. no joke, no exaggeration here… be on watch for larger movement based upon the deep movement.

Yesterdays deep M5.2 gave way to todays M7.5 in another region adjacent to the Pacific.. pressure transferring…

Todays new deep M5.2 just a bit away from the original deep M5.2 will most likely give way to another larger event in another adjacent area. Like clockwork, it usually strikes within a day or two as the pressure transfers UPWARDS from the deep movement below.

Deep movement causing shallower movement in other areas has been proved via a series of TESTS done by geologists in New Zealand last year.. deep earthquakes cause shallow earthquakes in adjacent areas, sometimes THOUSANDS of miles away. Not a matter of opinion, this is a matter of fact. See the facts for yourself here:

10/26/2015 — Large M7.5 earthquake strikes Afghanistan — Major Global Unrest Underway

After weeks with no large earthquake activity, this current week has proved to be a real jolt back into reality — first a M7.2 earthquake struck the West Pacific, now a M7.5 earthquake (M7.7 revised) strikes the mideast in Afghanistan.

m7.5 earthquake oct 26 2015

Just as expected, yesterday (October 25) a very deep earthquake occurred below the Pacific plate, which led me to issue a warning for a coming large earthquake measuring at least TWO magnitudes higher than the deep event, which was a deep M5.2.

We were watching for a M7.2 or greater to strike West / Northwest of the deep earthquake.  Now a M7.5 struck West / Northwest within 1 day of the deep earthquake event.

See my post on the deep event here:


This new large earthquake location in Afghanistan, near the India border, was discussed in the most recent earthquake forecast, see the earthquake forecast video here:


Information on this event from the USGS:

Magnitude 7.5 mww
Location/uncertainty 36.441°N 70.717°E± 6.4 km
Depth/uncertainty 212.5 km± 1.8
Origin Time
Number of Stations
Number of Phases 132
Minimum Distance 77.03 km (0.69°)
Travel Time Residual 1.23 sec
Azimuthal Gap 21°
FE Region Hindu Kush region, Afghanistan (718)