9/3/2015 – Texas professionals are now BACK to denying that fracking


Texas professionals are now BACK to denying that fracking is causing earthquakes in Texas!

DERP! These are paid pets (obviously). Denying the earthquakes striking directly at the fracking operations.. calling them “natural”.


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Just wait until this weeks new round of earthquakes hits the Texas fracking operations…

They’ll be singing a different tune soon!


09/1/2015 – Noteworthy M4.3 earthquake strikes Washington State.

Noteworthy M4.3 earthquake strikes Washington State.

Looks like I was three days off on my warning for Washington State.




A noteworthy flurry of seismic activity has struck (and will continue) across the Midwest United States .. occurring at the fracking operations across Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.. this new activity is showing a renewed threat of moderate movement to strike the East coast, as well as the far Pacific Northwest (off the coast of Oregon / Washington State).

The overall magnitude to expect in the Pacific Northwest should be above M5.0, possibly reaching even higher into the lower M6.0 range. Keep watch in the NW United States for the next 7 days (beginning August 21, 2015 at midnight extending through August 28th at midnight – full seven day watch).

If a swarm of earthquakes strike instead of a larger single event, I will do an update to let you know the threat of a single larger event has passed.

The pressure showing across Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Colorado — as well as a new earthquake near the Nissan factory in Mississippi– indicates the possibility of a larger midwest earthquake reaching into the mid-upper M4.0 range (or possibly larger) to strike near the fracking operations mentioned in the video, as well as moderate activity which may reach out to adjacent areas such as the New Madrid Seismic Zone in Missouri / Illinois / Tennessee / Indiana.

East coast states which reside upon the craton edge also need to be watching for moderate earthquake activity. North and South Carolina, reaching Northeast across New England into Southeast Quebec / New Brunswick Canada.

Most likely the larger portion of the expected movement will strike in SE Quebec.. but I wouldn’t rule out a bit of activity directly along the East coast again.. this puts New York City, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania back into the mix for possible smaller (but noticeable) events to strike over the next several days.

I wouldn’t rule out a swarm to strike a few of these aforementioned locations. Possibly each location will be hit with small movement.

I know there are SEVERAL states on the East coast which reside along the edge of the craton, but we really need to watch to the NORTHeast as opposed to the Southeast (for the larger activity).

Magnitudeuncertainty 4.3 ml± 0.2
Locationuncertainty 48.307°N 119.019°W± 0.4 km
Depthuncertainty 9.7 km± 0.7
Origin Time
Number of Stations 15
Number of Phases 16
Minimum Distance 24.00 km (0.22°)
Travel Time Residual 0.08 sec
Azimuthal Gap 112°
FE Region Washington (29)
Review Status MANUAL
Catalog UW (uw61073836)
Location Source UW1
Magnitude Source UW1
Contributor UW1

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