8/6/2015 – Facebook support just sent me someones FULL PERSONAL INFORMATION by accident!!

Facebook PRIVACY VIOLATION ALERT!! ‪#‎markzuckerberg‬

Facebook support just sent me someones FULL PERSONAL INFORMATION by accident!!

Huge screwup on their part.

Apparetnly, someone who is being forced to provide their Photo ID to get their facebook account turned back on — their whole message chain was sent to me by facebook in a gigantic error!

I just got their name, location, birth date, first and last names, email address and PHONE NUMBER!

Someone named Pretty-Princ******** .

The weird thing.. their messages asking for help to get their account turned back on are coming from MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT! (Screenshot attached).


4 months ago I too had to provide my personal information along with PhotoID to Facebook . They randomly shut down my page and asked me for a PHOTO ID to get access turned back on.

I provided a government issued photo ID as requested, and access was given back to my account.

Today, August 6th 2015 , I logged in to my email , and saw messages from Facebook support about my account.

I haven’t submitted any facebook support requests in a long time.. thus I shouldn’t have any new messages from facebook support in my inbox.

I checked to see what was going on — and there is a back and forth between Facebook support (someone named “Lily” at facebook corporate), and someone using MY ACCOUNT over the past few days.

My account is being ACCIDENTALLY USED by someone in another state who goes by PrettyPrinc****** !!!!!

WTH?! unsure emoticon


Summed up, it appears that someone named PrettyPrinc****** who got locked out of their account, and was forced to provide an ID had their whole Facebook support message chain sent to me !

Their requests for help are coming from MY ACCOUNT somehow… the replies from Facebook support are being sent to me instead of PrettyPrinc******!!!!

Thus, I got all their personal information .


4 months ago , when I had to provide my ID to facebook, I said in my video that it was scary that I had to trust some random people at facebook with my personal information…. because they could possibly NOT MANAGE the information properly.

Here we are, and I (of all the people on the planet – lol) am the one who gets sent someone ELSES information …. just like I worried about my information 4 months ago… now it happens to someone else sent directly to me.

I’ve already sent messages and called “PrettyPrinc*****” to let her know that her information, her business information, and her location were revealed to me.

Also, I contacted facebook to let them know.

Finally..I’m letting all of YOU know .. your information is just one button click or computer error away from the WHOLE WORLD knowing your private data.

Imagine if PrettyPrinc******* information was sent to an identity thief, criminal, violent person, or crazy stalker !

Luckily for her, Facebook just sent her info to the ONE GUY OUT THERE who got screwed over hard , a guy who had to provide his own ID and information under pressure of losing all my accounts and business.