3/01/2015 — Back to the Future (1985) shows 9/11 + Illuminati symbology

The title for this article speaks for itself.  9/11 (september 11) shown multiple times, in multiple ways in the famous movie “Back to the Future”.

In the movie, Marty Mcfly is trying to “save the (clock) tower” and keeps trying to warn Doc of a coming terrorist attack.  Each time the terrorist attack, or the “tower” is mentioned, there is a 9/11 shot or an illuminati eye.

Lightning strikes at 10:04 and destroys the tower in the movie…  WTC collapses and is destroyed at 10:04 as well.

This holds true in the 1st and 2nd movie.  Feel free to watch for yourself, watch closely, slow motion if you have to, I’m sure you’ll find more than this.

As we all know, a picture (or pictures) are worth a thousand words…….. therefore … behold: click to view full size

back to the future illuminati

Watch here: