1/28/2015 — Earthquake movement PROVES MODERN GEOLOGY WRONG

Past 7 days of 4.0M and greater earthquakes across the North Pacific show the pressure coming from the Pacific plate spilling down the North American craton edge.

This proof turns most of modern geology on its head. Showing that smaller earthquakes indeed are related over vast distances, and proving that the Pacific plate is pushing the North American plate in the opposite direction than was previously thought.

North America is being moved from the Northwest to the Southeast! This is a huge development to discover!

craton earthquakes jan 28 2015 final

Pressure producing movement from the NW to the SE , terminating at the fracking operations of Oklahoma with multiple 4.0M+ events in the past few days.

Pressure from the entire Pacific plate comes to the Pacific Northwest, and instead of subduction, we’re seeing the plate take the pressure across 2,000 miles , and release at the weak point in the midwest (fracking operations).

earthquake progression 24 hours jan 1 2015

This means tremendous pressure is on the EASTERN and SOUTHWESTERN areas of the Craton.

Salton Sea to Los Angeles, and the East coast from North Carolina to Maine MUST SEE MOVEMENT in the near term.  As we’ve seen in the past, the Northeast + Southwest United States always compensates after this kind of movement to the Northwest.

Past examples here:

First movement to the Northwest:

7 days earthquakes dec 15 2014

Movement in the North is followed by movement to the South:

california drilling rig earthquake dec 30 2014

Movement in the North, and movement in the South displaces North America to the EAST, which causes earthquakes in Yellowstone / Nevada:

3.4m yellowstone jan 25 2015
Above: January 25, 2015 earthquake at Yellowstone precedes midwest multiple 4.0M+ events in Oklahoma

After Yellowstone / Nevada are displaced, we usually see multiple events at the fracking operations of Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas.

past 7 days jan 28 2015 earthquakes
Above: January 28, 2015 shows the edge of the plate displaced from the NW to the Midwest, and back to the NE

Finally after we see movement progress to the Northeast United States we normally hear about reports of ‘mystery booms’ ground shaking events, as well as earthquake swarms on the East coast:

booms jan 25 2015

Over the next several days, near term movement (next 1-3 days tops) should relieve the pressure which is obviously showing right now in Oklahoma via the multiple 4.0M+ events.

In the past 24 hours we’ve seen TWO ADDITIONAL 4.0M+ earthquakes in Oklahoma at the fracking operations.

In the past week there have been a total of THREE 4.0M+ earthquakes in Oklahoma.

craton earthquakes jan 28 2015
Above: January 28, 2015 – Past 7 days of 3.2M+ earthquakes across North America.


I will be doing an earthquake update video soon.

4.3M – http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/usc000tj7a…

4.2M – http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/usb000tike…

4.0M – http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/usb000tilr…

The USGS has downgraded several from the 4.0M range to 3.7 magnitudes….. making a total of FOUR additional 3.7M events:




http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/usc000tiry… the past 24 hours we’ve seen TWO ADDITIONAL 4.0M+ earthquakes in Oklahoma at the fracking operations.

The pressure will transfer to the adjacent areas in the next day or two.

Lets hope its just a series of 3.0M-4.0M , if we don’t see movement soon, then the magnitude upon release will be greater (in the 4.0M to mid 5.0M range).

Also, I would expect to see movement along the Pacific Northwest Coast.. somewhere near San Francisco to Oregon Coast for possible LARGER movement (larger than mid 5.0M).

If the pressure dies out from Alaska.. then we can rest a bit more easy… as it stands right now, things are still going strong, thus we need to watch the craton edge, and the origin point of the stress (the Pacific Northwest)… and then watch the area further south (Los Angeles to Salton Sea) for compensation movement for the larger movement that must occur soon.

I say ‘must’ occur, because we have seen this happen multiple times — first the pressure shows in the Pacific Northwest via several moderate to large earthquakes 4.0M swarms (or a single larger event in the 5.0M-6.0M range).

After West coast movement we usually then see movement in adjacent areas to the larger West coast events, usually from Mono Lake California South to Salton Sea / Baja Mexico.

oklahoma non earthquake july 24 2014
Above: July 24, 2014 shows a progression of earthquakes from the NW to the South (towards Salton Sea), and to the Southeast (towards Nevada and Yellowstone).


At the same time we see movement occur to the South in California, we also see the pressure from the West coast “transfer” along the craton edge via a series of earthquakes which span the entire plate over a short amount of time (days or less).

Earthquakes begin occurring on the craton “edge” which compensates for movement coming from the West by “moving” to the East.

oklahoma fracking earthquake july 25 2014
Above: July 25, 2015 a day after the movement to the West, an earthquake swarm kicked back up in Oklahoma (area to the SE of the movement the day before)


First Vancouver BC to Oregon Coast moves, then the areas in the NW (yellowstone / nevada) move, which then moves the area to the Southeast.. (colorado , new mexico, oklahoma, kansas , texas).. which then moves the area to the east (East coast states).

After the pressure releases on the east coast the whole process starts over again in the Pacific Northwest.

The pressure starts building again once the release occurs to the East.

Above: August 24, 2014 large earthquake strikes the West Coast near Napa California, less than one months buildup of pressure released AFTER the pressure reset back to the West coast. This large event set a whole new round of earthquakes in motion across the edge of the craton.

Less than 7 days after the California Napa earthquake, the pressure had transferred East (along the craton edge) yet again, and produced multiple earthquakes in the Colorado / Oklahoma fracking operations.

Colorado had been silent for months… then returned to life after the California Napa event , as the craton is pushed – so are the fracking operations.

colorado fracking earthquake august 31 2014

A warning on secret societies….

Paris Jackson reveals the truth about Hollywood (hollyweird).

I heard about this when it happened, but was occupied doing my other reports online to actually address the topic.  A topic I’ve done extensive research on myself personally…. the topic of “secret societies”.

Some of you may not have heard (or seen) at the time, Paris Jackson – the daughter of the late Michael Jackson – tweeted a series of cryptic “warnings” about several secret societies immoral activities, and how they all lead back to one overall group….

paris jackson tweets


I decided to pull up the tweets contents today, and mash-up her pictures with a series of well known real life uses of the symbols involved.

Make note of the colors used by the societies as well:

secret society warning from paris jackson

One of the more detailed pictures Paris Jackson drew was of the Order of the Eastern Star (OES).

OES tends to have more female members, however the list of other “girls” or womens organizations can bee see in this graphic on the right (seen in an old graphic depiction of two sides of a stepped pyramid):

OES order of the eastern star

Paris Jacksons tweted pictures also include Freemasonic symbols (the seal of soloman / talisman of saturn / 6 pointed hebrew star), each star point having an eye in it :


Also , she drew a skull giving the “shh”, and the compass/square “G” of the freemasonic order.

Most of these symbols go back HUNDREDS of years, as seen below in a graphic easily searched from the freemasons themselves, showing the symbols of past internal kabbalist sects.


What do all these symbols mean?

Did you know that lodge members actually meditate on the meanings of the symbols?

I’ve actually BEEN to a few lodges myself, here are some pictures of my wife and  I attending a Rosicrucian order meeting here in St. Louis (meeting open to the public showing 14th century “symbols” of the order , and quote ‘how to use them’).

dutchsinse and wife at rosicrucian meeting

seecubedeye dutchsinse and the rosicrucian lodge masters

Needless to say, the Rosicrucian meeting was intriguing.

To head off any rumors at the pass, I went because I was curious, not because I belong to any secret society 🙂  .

That being said, the meeting we attended was NOTHING like this well known video of a leaked freemasonic lodge gathering:


As many of my viewers know, I cover these topics in the hopes of discerning “truth” from “lie” when it comes to an overall “conspiracy” of people working together at high levels behind the scenes.

Also, as my viewers/readers may remember, a series of well known celebrities have come out recently actually invoking the illuminati name directly, and flashing symbols used by secret societies.

See my whole post on the Madonna, Jim Carrey, Jimmy Kimmel, Weird Al “illumianti” disclosure — which is really just a mocking of the whole topic.

dutchsinse pyramid

1/26/2015 — East Coast “mystery” booms solved — Excessive craton pressure showing — NOT due to “Planet X”

New reports of mystery “booms” shaking the ground across New England and the Ohio river valley.  Alternative media blaming the East coast movement on “Planet X”?

SMH, and a huge facepalm!  Planet X is NOT the cause of the movement!  (yes there actually is a “planet x” out there somewhere according to the professionals).

While a mystery planet does lurk about in the far reaches of the solar system, there is no effect these planets could have on the tectonic movement inside planet Earth.

These most recent reports of shaking ground, and underground “booms” in the bedrock should come as no surprise to those of us paying attention to the movement occurring across the ENTIRE North American craton edge.

See below for a detailed comparison between the movement, and our plate structure:

booms jan 25 2015
Above: Graphic comparing 7 days of earthquakes *up to January 26 2015 1201am CST* to the North American craton, alongside the reported mystery boom areas. Clearly the areas having short underground fractures (booms) is also the area under pressure, which has been moving lately – Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Ohio– even as far South as Tennessee. All areas along the edge of the craton being displaced.


Movement across the craton is being caused by movement in the Pacific, which itself is being caused by movement in the Asthenosphere (350 miles depth), which  is due to excessive pressure coming from the IndoAustralian plate, which is spreading (rising) from the inside of the planet, not caused by outside planets (like Planet X or any other planet for that matter).

As seen in this graphic I put out yesterday, there is deep movement in the Asthenosphere happening around the entire Pacific, which then causes a displacement of the North American plate, ultimately pushing the East coast edge, causing “booms” as the rock fractures like mini-earthquakes.

asthenosphere jan 25 2015 earthquake

Multiple events over the past week across North America show reveal the true culprit for the East coast booms.

The cause of the booms is pressure coming from the OPPOSTIE direction than ‘normal’.

Pressure coming from the Pacific Northwest, pushing on the fracking operations (pushing the edge of the craton) causing a 4.2M earthquake in Oklahoma yesterday (at the fracking operations).

Over the past 1-2 weeks we’ve seen multiple earthquakes in Texas, Alabama, Arizona, Idaho, Arkansas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Connecticut, and Southeast Canada (Quebec / New Brunswick Canada).

4.2M earthquake jan 25 2015

4.2M earthquake at the Oklahoma fracking operations:

36.945°N 97.598°W


The USGS deliberately HIDING earthquakes in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio!  Caught red handed.

This graphic shows the past weeks movement NOT shown on the USGS feeds.

In this graphic.. blue is the last 3-7 days.. green is the last 1-3 days (up to January 25, 2015)

3 7 days usgs omissions jan 24 2015

Scandalous omission of data by the USGS.

2.9M , 2.8M , and 2.8M not reported in West Virginia

2.5M not reported in Ohio

2.6M not reported in Pennsylvania

2.2M not reported in North Carolina

5.6M not reported off the coast of Oregon

5.3M not reported in Montana


A series of earthquakes has occurred at Salton Sea California.. at the border of New Mexico and Arizona…. and on both sides (north and south) of Vancouver BC…. one at the base of Mt. Rainier in Washington.

earthquakes jan 25 2015

ALL areas named were forecast to move in the near term!!

Salton Sea, NM/AZ border, and Vancouver all named out in the previous forecast.

Salton Sea: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/ci37308936#general_summary

NM/AZ border: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/usc000tj0y#general_summary

British Columbia: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/usc000tiza#general_summary

Mt. Rainier in Washington: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/uw60950382#general_summary

A 3.4M earthquake has struck the Western Yellowstone magma chamber in Idaho.

3.4m yellowstone jan 25 2015

Again, Yellowstone was forecast yesterday for nearterm movement based upon the 4.2M in Oklahoma.

Quote yesterdays forecast:


“One final thing.. US activity showing as well with a 4.2M earthquake in Oklahoma at the fracking operations. Meaning the craton edge is in flux, and we should now watch for three things.. movement on the East coast again, between North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, noticeable movement near Salton Sea / Los Angeles, and movement near yellowstone.”

Since putting out the forecast: Salton Sea has moved, and now Yellowstone has moved.


See my earthquake forecasts , and updates from the Month of January 2015 to understand what is happening in the United States, and internationally.

You can watch the progression  from the start to finish of the month, and see the earthquake forecasts pan out over the times allotted.

January 22, 2015 forecast:

January 21, 2015 Earthquake forecast check on accuracy:

January 20, 2015 Earthquake forecast check on accuracy:


January 19, 2015 United States overview:

January 11, 2015 United States fracking earthquake overview:

January 7, 2015 Dallas Texas swarm overview:

January 6, 2015 fracking earthquake overviews:

January 4, 2015 earthquake forecast:

Keep in mind the volcanic movement showing in the Pacific the past few days, which is also a sign of the unrest occurring from deep within the planet.



Below is the report on the booms (accurate) mixed with a baloney report about Planet X:


Here is the full article on the Pennsylvania / New England “booms”:


“A warning to the citizens of Pennsylvania: Major earth changes now happening on the North American continent threaten your security. Bit by bit, the very earth under your feet, and under your homes and businesses, is cracking, crumbling and falling away. Pennsylvania is slowly but surely being pulled apart.

Unfortunately, Pennsylvania sits smack dab in the middle of what is known as a “break point” on the North American continent. This break-point runs inland from the spreading Atlantic Ocean, across Southern New York and New Jersey, and continues inland across Pennsylvania and into Ohio.


As Planet X (Nibiru) exits the solar system, it exerts a tremendous magnetic influence on the hapless Earth. Intense pressure is put on the North American continent as the Southwest is pulled down and New England rises, creating a break point in Pennsylvania. Hence, the uptick in loud booms and earth movement disasters.

Earth Movement Disasters

Pennsylvania is “supposed to be” a state with a relatively low level of earthquake activity. However, it would seem that things in the earthquake department have changed greatly of late. In about a year, there have been at least 11 quakes, with the most recent and strongest yet a 4.0 on Jan 9, which rocked areas of Pennsylvania and Ohio, all the way from Pittsburgh to Cleveland and Columbus. Residents reported hearing a loud rumbling and felt strong shaking that rattled walls and windows and caused objects to fall.

Also in January loud booms were frequently heard, a sinkhole opened and a house fell in, an overpass collapsed killing a man, a silo collapsed killing a man, water mains broke all over – Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Scranton, and elsewhere.

Loud booms and shaking houses in “break point” areas

  • Jan 1 in Luzerne, PA, NW of Philadelphia
  • Jan 1 in Dallas, PA, 10 miles NW of Wilkes-Barre
  • Jan 2 in Herrick Center, PA, 40 miles NE of Wilkes-Barre, where loud booms have been heard since fall
  • Jan 4 in North Beaver Township; third loud boom in a week shook houses
  • Jan 7 in Bristol Township a silo collapsed sending hundreds of thousands of pounds of dry concrete rushing down like an avalanche, killing one and burying everything in sight. Bristol is about 25 miles north of Philadelphia.
  • Jan 19 in Cincinnati, Ohio, an overpass collapsed killing Brandon Carl, who was standing on the Hopple Street overpass when it suffered a “catastrophic pancake” collapse.
  • Jan 24 in Wilson Borough a home had to be demolished after a sinkhole opened under it.

Nuclear reactors in Pennsylvania

And last but not least, what is to be done about all those power plants located in the break-point area? Even the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has concerns about a higher earthquake risk in the region and is requiring the owners of some of Pennsylvania’s nuclear reactors to conduct in-depth reassessments of the facilities ability to withstand larger earth tremors.

Question: What do you do when the earth crumbles under a nuclear reactor? Its probably not a good idea to duck, cover, and hold.

Be prepared. Earth changes are heating up!