3/1/2014 — Kansas Scalar RADAR pulses … paving the way for severe weather

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UPDATE :  March 5, 2014

Kansas and Nebraska received and “unexpected” snow storm!

kansas scalar radar march 5 2014


scalar radar kansas nebraska march 5 2014 confirmation haarp ring


March 1, 2014 – morning to mid-afternoon :

Multiple “Scalar RADAR” pulses occurring over Kansas (coming out of Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma NEXRAD stations).

The pulses, overlapping, having a combined “resonance” effect over central Kansas… each low decibel return hitting each other directly over central Kansas (near Salina) …

Watch Kansas / Oklahoma / Nebraska for up to 72 hours for the possibility of severe weather (not counting this current snow storm happening 3/1/2014)  Begin the severe weather watch AFTER the snow storm blows out.

scalar pulses kansas march 1 2014


UPDATE:  635pm CT March 1, 2014

Currently, the NEXRAD RADAR stations are pumping excessive amounts of RF into the atmosphere, causing ionization at a distance.

scalar pulses kansas march 1 2014a


UPDATE : 745pm CT March 1, 2014

Major “HAARP ring” / RADAR pulse event… Shreveport Louisiana , South to Houston Texas.. .72 hour watch starting now.. also make note of the further RADAR pulse action happening across Kansas.

This is on TOP of todays previous Scalar Pulses. Which means we really need to watch these areas for 72 hours AFTER the current snow storm blows through!!

scalar pulses kansas march 1 2014aa


RADAR actually acting as a “heater”, producing ionization, leading to precipitation (much like cloud seeding, but without the use of particulate matter such as silver iodide).

More on RADAR heating + plasma generation here:



When the beams cross.. the area where the intersection occurs produces a GREATER decibel return (going into bright red).  Greater power, and heating occurs at the point where the energy intersects.

The term “Scalar RADAR” comes from Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden, when he coined the phrase in the 1980’s while giving lectures regarding directed energy weapons, Soviet Weather Engineering over the United States.

The combined effect of the crossed pulsed beams has a PLASMA GENERATION effect (i.e. heating of the atmosphere).

The plasma can be used for multiple purposes aside from simply heating an area.  Can be used for communications, and missile defense…. this plasma generation is also known as an “Artificial Ionospheric Mirror” or AIM.


Bearden Scalar Radar

scalar square explanation


aim radar plasma mirror march 29 2013 scalar squares


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