2/24/2014 — CNN Cancels Piers Morgan — “.. from my cold, dead hands! “



Charlton Heston wins FROM THE GRAVE! 🙂  “…from my cold, dead hands!” indeed..

Awesome news!  Piers Morgan epic fail! CNN cancels Piers Morgan Live…..


Victory for the team! boss beat, level complete, winning music here!




If, for some odd reason, you’re upset about Piers being let go, you’re mad , and need a way to express your anger at his doom…

Listen to ‘doom E1M1’ made on old school outdated useless floppy drives … lol :

2/21/2014 — US Army shoots down INCOMING MORTARS using a mobile truck mounted laser

2/21/2014 — US Army shoots down INCOMING… by dutchsinse

Showing several successful tests, shooting down incoming MORTARS (projectiles), and aircraft.

This video above shows the (truck mounted) Laser Weapon System known as HEL MD (High Energy Laser Mobile Device) in action at White Sands missile base in Alamagordo, New Mexico .


Full post on directed energy weapons here:



Article on the HEL MD mobile truck mounted laser:





More on the LaWS (laser weapon system) , also being fitted for US Navy ships:


laws uss dewey



2/20/2014 — HAARP can be used for weather modification, and as a weapon


from the air force haarpa

from the air force haarp



Full .pdf here:



Watch a whole 2 hour explanation on Radio Frequency / Directed Energy weapons here:


(Part 1 – 30min)

2/15/2014 — Want to know about HAARP, Directed… by dutchsinse


(Part 2 – 30min)

2/16/2014 — Want to know about HAARP, Directed… by dutchsinse


(Part 3 – 30min)

2/18/2014 — Want to know about HAARP, Directed… by dutchsinse


(Part 4 – 30min)


haarp radar laser

All four 30 minute long segments can be found here  :



Download the whole show from our page here:



Follow along with the whole HAARP post I’m discussing on the radio show here:




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Expose’ video on HAARP in Alaska, capable of Weather Modification, well worth the watch:


HAARP can be used for weather modification and as a weapon by Khurshid Khan