7/24/2013 — Oklahoma Fracking Earthquake — 3.2M inside pumping operation

July 24, 2013 – The earthquake activity inside Oklahomas multiple fracking operations carry on.  Onwards we go into a future filled with more man made earthquakes.

Just like 2011, and also again in 2012 .. we will see LARGER movement in the area.  Possibly another round of frack well induced 5.0 magnitude quakes would do the trick, to wake people up to the threat again.   Apparently houses damaged in 2011 weren’t enough to stop the greed.

oklahoma fracking july 24 2013 earthquake


Event Time

  1. 2013-07-24 11:52:05 UTC
  2. 2013-07-24 06:52:05 UTC-05:00 at epicenter
  3. 2013-07-24 06:52:05 UTC-05:00 system time


35.535°N 96.518°W depth=5.0km (3.1mi)

Nearby Cities

  1. 5km (3mi) NW of Boley, Oklahoma
  2. 43km (27mi) ENE of Shawnee, Oklahoma
  3. 51km (32mi) W of Okmulgee, Oklahoma
  4. 63km (39mi) SW of Sapulpa, Oklahoma
  5. 90km (56mi) E of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


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7/24/2013 — Dr. Nick Begich corrects the false ARRL article — HAARP has NOT shut down

Many thanks to Dr. Nick Begich for doing the hard investigative work — thanks for correcting these false rumors that “HAARP has shut down”.

We have fully debunked the ARRL anonymously authored fake report that HAARP is “abandoned”.  We posted the budgets for 2013 and 2014 (Airforce and DARPA) .  We posted the EXPERIMENT SCHEDULE for 2013 and 2014 (DoD and US Airforce).  We even posted the diesel generator information, proving the ARRL author doesn’t even know how HAARP is powered.


Again, many thanks to Dr. Begich for shedding light on this situation, and for stopping this rumor dead in its tracks.


Be sure to go directly to the site Dr. Begich manages.  His site, Earthpulse, is a great source of information.  Personally, I have a tremendous amount of respect for Dr. Begich, his work is unparallelled.

If you haven’t already purchased copies of his famous books on HAARP — here is a link to check out the different editions:


angels dont

7/22/2013 — RADAR pulse / “HAARP ring” confirmation — Philadelphia, PA — Hail and Damaging winds

14 hours after the pulse out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania… the epicenter of the pulse is the ONLY area to have Hail / Damaging winds on the entire east coast.

(click to view full screen)

philadelphia pa hail july 22 2013 haarp ring confirmation



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