12/30/2012 — South Carolina Explosion seen on RADAR — ‘Nott Hill Gold Mine’ listed by USGS at same location

Explosion seen on RADAR .. from South Carolina — coming from an OLD GOLD MINE .

“Nott Hill Mine” shown on google earth, listed by the USGS as a “gold mine”.


view here: (timestamps are UTC and Z respectively)


archived RADAR here:



nexrad south carolina plume dec 30 2012

approximate plume coordinates:

 34°53’0.39″N ,  81°38’42.45″W


click picture to enlarge:

nott hill mine explosion south carolina dec 30 2012


information on the gold mine from the Department of Interior:



Nott Hill Mine

By: longnempty
Date: 2009-07-08

U.S. Geological Survey > Mineral Resources

Nott Hill Mine

Record 10226242 of the Mineral Resources Data System

Operation type Underground
Development status Past Producer
Ore minerals or materials
Mineral deposit model
Primary commodities Gold
Secondary commodities
Tertiary commodities

Mineral Resources > Online Spatial Data > Mineral Resources Data System

Data for 10226242

Report shows selected fields. [Full report]

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Site identification
Deposit identification number 10226242
MRDS identification number
MAS/MILS identification number 0450210046
Name of the site, deposit, or operation Nott Hill Mine
Previous names
Geographic location
Latitude 34.90261
Longitude -81.64543
Geographic region NA
Country name United States
State name South Carolina
County name Cherokee
Site characteristics
Operation type Underground
Deposit type
Production size
Development status Past Producer
Ore minerals or materials
Gangue minerals or materials
Other minerals or materials
Ore body form
Workings type
Mineral deposit model
Alteration processes
Concentration processes
Ore controls
Reporter Eastern Field Operations Center (EFOC)
Host rock unit name
Host rock type
Associated rock unit name
Associated rock type
Structural characteristics
Tectonic setting
References {Deposit:: MCCAULEY, CAMILLA K & BUTLER, J ROBERT, 1966, SC DIV OF GEOL}{Deposit:: BULL 32, PP. 35-36.}{Deposit:: PARDEE, J T & PARK, JR, C F, 1948, USGS PROF PAPER 213,P 105}
Modifier for YR_FST_PRD
Year of first production
Modifier for YR_LST_PRD
Year of last production
Modifier for DISC_YR
Discovery year
Production years
Commodity type M
Primary commodities Gold
Secondary commodities
Tertiary commodities

12/21/2012 — Winter Solstice , Pagan Drugs, Santa is a MUSHROOM

Winter solstice.. pagan drugs.. seeing ‘santa’.. seeing “elves” .. and reindeer that think they can fly.

Do you ever wonder why santas suit is red and white? candy cane red and white? reindeer FLYING with a RED nose..

It all has to do with the amanita muscaria mushroom… which commonly grows in cold climates underneath CONIFER TREES (also known as christmas trees)…  This fungus is known to grow during the winter solstice periods . Reindeer do indeed eat them.. however they are psychedelic (toxic) .

Also.. mario eats them to grow big, or get a new life.. smurfs live in them.. alice in wonderland consults a caterpillar (hallucination) sitting on one of them.. and you’ll see them in stores, at christmas displays usually associated with SEEING ELVES !!

No one ever tells you it is actually a SHAMAN who the legend says brings the mushrooms to you.. eaten to obtain spiritual enlightenment..To be eaten at the winter rituals.

Simply put, Santa is a mushroom.

It goes back a LONG way..

Untitled santa