10/17/2012 — Plumes erupt from Pinacate Volcano — just South of Arizona

Oct 16 going into the 17th 2012 — multiple plume returns showing on RADAR — coming from the western portion of the Pinacate Volcanic field…. just south of the Arizona border…. north Mexico … near the border.

Seen on the south Arizona KYUX NEXRAD RADAR — also 1KM , or 2KM view:  multiple systems showing this… not just college of dupage.



also visible on WDSS-ii nexrad feeds:


also visible on quality controlled weather.gov :


approximate plume location: Western portion of the Pinacate Volcanic complex:

31°49’53.14″N , 113°39’32.69″W

Last time this happened.. on Sept 16 2012… here is the video I made during this last event exactly one month ago (today being the 17th of oct 2012 ):

10/11/12 — Dutchsinse on Deep Earth Bunker Radio : 2-hr interview Oct. 10, 2012

Many thanks to the crew at Deep Earth Bunker Radio — http://www.deepearthbunkerradio.com and http://www.deepearthbunker.com

was a great 2 hour interview — covering earthquakes around the ring of fire, new plate forming / old plate breaking (indo-australian plate).. southern california , north american craton Laurentia moving , Bayou Corne Louisiana , Salt dome complex , BP oil spill , Youtube Video riots / staged Muhammad video / Stanley Inc. , HAARP + earthquake weather modification connection, Chemtrails / Cloud seeding , Japan Fukushima Theory of Arto Laurie… and several other intriguing topics!

10/9/2012 — Fracking earthquakes return? Oklahoma 3.0M @ frac well

Now that the plate (over in indonesia) is breaking apart — officially announced at the end of September 2012:



Pictured below:

Last 14 days of 5.0M and greater showing the area around the Indo-Australia plate breaking apart:

This explains the West Pacific “unrest” that I’ve been showing in all the earthquake updates for the past year+.

The “spillover” effect is occurring at volcanoes, and adjacent plates to the Indo-Australian plate.. causing an uptick in large earthquakes (compensation for the indo-australian plate demise) around the entire planet… specifically the Pacific ring of fire.

All this activity has lead to the North American Craton, Laurentia, to be ‘moved’ from the WEST.. causing pressure to build upon the N. American craton.. thus, we are seeing activity at ANY spot with deep shaft construction — whether it be dormant volcanoes, fracking/injection well/drilling operations, and even some springs/aquifers !   Not to mention areas having major ‘movement’ problems .. like Bayou Corne, Louisiana — salt dome sinkhole collapse.

It all begins to make sense once you understand OUR plate (north american craton laurentia) is being displaced by the Pacific plate… which itself is being displaced by the Indo-Australian plate breaking apart.

To confirm most of these North American sites are indeed what I say they are… Just look up the coordinates of each greater than 2.5M earthquake in North America via http://earth.google.com to confirm .


Screenshots speak a thousand words:  Today’s 3.0M in OK:

Earthquake Details

  • This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.
Magnitude 3.0
Location 35.777°N, 97.163°W
Depth 5 km (3.1 miles)
Distances 13 km (8 miles) NNE of Luther, Oklahoma
26 km (16 miles) ESE of Guthrie, Oklahoma
32 km (19 miles) ENE of Edmond, Oklahoma
32 km (19 miles) NNE of Choctaw, Oklahoma



Compare the fracking locations,  the craton edge, and the actual earthquakes the past two weeks (14 days up to today Oct. 9, 2012) — you will see the edge of the craton is clearly showing some movement.

Have a look at the last 14 days of 6.0M and greater around the world (notice the real activity is around the ring of fire currently):


Overall, I would say we have a VERY LONG way to go before things ‘calm down’.  If anything, I would expect more near-term large scale movement in the region around the Indo-Australia breakup.  Which also means we can expect a buildup to occur across the North American craton — showing at weak spots first… those weak spots (it turns out) tend to be fracking, injection, drilling operations, dormant volcanoes, springs, aquifers and even a few sites like Bayou Corne, LA.

Expect more, not less.