10/30/2012 — Bayou Corne , Louisiana — Sinkhole grows MUCH bigger

10/29/2012 — Flyover of the sinkhole site:


watch the whole flyover list from the first until today — compare first flyover in August to the above video — the sinkhole has grown extremely large


watch all the meetings/briefings from officials here:


Plot the whole location on climate viewer here (see all adjacent domes/wells in the area which may also be effected by this large sinking event):  Make special note of HOW MANY other wells/domes are in the area…



Green (mr.yuk) symbols = injection wells

Blue Water Waves = water wells

Black = Oil and Gas wells

Red Dots = bubble sites around sinkhole

White oval lines = the outline of the entire salt dome complex



A zoom in on the area shows how close the other wells/domes are:


10/30/2012 — Severe Weather Overview — Hurricane Sandy — Maine Tornado

Watch the video update here:


Hurricane Sandy has finally come ashore.

Between New York City and Washington DC — the storm has now passed into Pennsylvania .. the long arms of the storm are reaching as far west (currently 1230am CDT oct. 30, 2012) as the states of Michigan, and Indiana.

Covering OH, PA, NY, NH, VT, ME, CT, MA, VA, MD, Washington DC, RI, NC, TN, KY, MI, IN, ME, NJ …. the storm will continue to head West by Northwest — should make a turn East Northeast somewhere around the border of OH / IN.

Watch the areas of south east Canada.. from Thunder Bay, east to Toronto… Damaging winds, strong cell thunderstorms, possible tornadoes, and even some localized heavy snowfall might come with the arms of this storm.

Areas as far west as Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri might also need to watch for parts of this storm to reach out towards the midwest.

use the links here to monitor severe weather nationally, and internationally:



10/28/2012 — Mexico ‘Spiral Vortex’ shaped RADAR return — Coming from La Canada , Mexico


Coming out of central Mexico:  Location La Canada Mexico — October 27, 2012(pm) going into October 28, 2012 CDT:

location:  La Canada Mexico — what are the chances?!


several screenshots high quality below : click all pics below and above to enlarge: