9/25/2012 — Bayou Corne, LA — White House Petition for Federal Help


This is made at the request of the town hall meeting attendees in Bayou Corne, Louisiana.

Per their pleas for help, I have created this petition to request the Federal Government to seize control of the Bayou Corne sinkhole disaster, and to declare it a national disaster.

(in order for this request to make the desk of the President we need 25,000 signatures ASAP !)

Adepto ‘er Perfectus = Get ‘er Done !


petition links:  please share !!!


short link:



link below to all four videos of the Bayou Corne, Louisiana town hall meeting … where NO officials showed up .. no local, state, federal, emergency, police, or private industry representatives decided to come — even though they were requested to appear by the people of the area!

I personally see this as highly unacceptable LACK OF REDRESS by government.   Not showing up when requested by the people — during a clearly growing disaster situation?

The people of Louisiana who spoke at the meeting are right, somethings not right here, NO SHOW during an emergency meeting?!

Time for the state to receive some federal guidance.


Town hall meeting playlist of four videos:


link to my video explanation of events that are causing the sinkhole collapse:

Title:  Louisiana Sinkhole Explained


9/23/2012 — Anomaly over Atlantic Ocean and Canada — EQ’s in Canada — also Tropical Storm / Hurricane Miriam forms in the Pacific

Notice the Atlantic.. going over the Hudson bay in Canada… strange that the SAME AREA JUST HAD TWO EARTHQUAKES!!!  Same rough time as the anomaly.. guessing something hit the earth?!


Compare the area in Canada — the above feed (over land) — and the timing.. and then look at the earthquakes in Canada from September 22, 2012 .


Two more shots of the event:


Also, on a different note, tropical storm Miriam has formed in the Pacific.. projected to become at least a Category 1 hurricane:

These are the most recent microwave images of precipitation in the storm itself:



use all the links here to monitor severe weather as it is developing:


last 72 hours up to 230am CDT — sept 23 2012
last 48 hours close up of tropical storm / hurricane Miriam — images current up to 230am cdt 9/23/2012