6/23/2012 — 6.5M earthquake in Kamchatka Russia — North of Japan

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June 23, 2012 :

Kamchatka Russia — (pacific ring of fire north of Japan) .. a magnitude 6.5 earthquake has struck just offshore of the island chain.  No tsunami associated with this seismic movement.

here are the USGS statistics:



Earthquake Details

This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.

Magnitude    6.5 (Preliminary magnitude — update expected within 15 minutes)

    Sunday, June 24, 2012 at 03:15:05 UTC
    Sunday, June 24, 2012 at 04:15:05 PM at epicenter

Location    57.436°N, 163.418°E
Depth    51 km (31.7 miles) set by location program

    284 km (176 miles) S (189°) from Il’pyrskiy, Russia
    296 km (184 miles) NNW (329°) from Nikol’skoye, Komandorskiye Ostrova, Rus.
    577 km (358 miles) NNE (30°) from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Russia
    2990 km (1858 miles) NNE (29°) from TOKYO, Japan

Jaw-dropping, violent tornado hurling deadly softball hail! June 22, 2012

TVN storm chasers Reed Timmer, Dick McGowan, Chris Chittick and Chad Cowan intercepted a violent tornado in extreme southwestern South Dakota on June 22, 2012! Chasing without the protection of the Dominator’s Lexan windows, massive hail being driven by hurricane-force winds in the near-tornado environment blew out several windows on their vehicle as they remained focused on documenting one of 2012’s most photogenic tornadoes! Visit http://www.tvnweather.com for live chasing from the field, and webisodes (coming soon!) which will detail the rest of the story from the 2012 season!

6/23/2012 — Tropical Storm Debby in Gulf — Severe in Midwest, NW, and SW USA

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UPDATE 1015pm CDT 6/23/2012:

Tornadoes breaking out across midwest to the Pacific northwest.. also damaging winds and hail in the SW and SE

screenshot at 855pm cdt 6/23/2012:

screenshots from intellicast at 720pm CDT:

Tropical storm “Debby” has formed in the gulf of mexico… several storm tracks have it pulling WNW towards Houston to Austin…. tropical storm warnings for landfall have already been issued for New Orleans Louisiana, and the adjacent nearby areas along the coast.

We are seeing damaging winds, hail, and possible tornadoes detected throughout Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina.  The east coast storms in SC and NC will pull WNW with the counter clockwise rotation of this tropical storm.

Watch all the gulf coast states for damaging winds, possible hail and brief tornadoes — flooding rain as well… this means.. South Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.

Also watch the severe weather (damaging winds and hail) at the Missouri / Iowa border.. heading ESE towards central Illinois.. just east of Saint Louis Missouri eventually.

In the Southwest USA — at the Arizona / New Mexico / Mexico border regions.. we are seeing hail and damaging winds break out … heading WSW and ENE in a slight rotation.

In the far pacific northwest.. Washington State, Oregon, British Columbia — we are seeing damaging winds, and hail detected .. also warnings / watches issued by the Canadian weather service for much of BC extending SE towards Calgary…… this is associated with a storm that has a center still out over the pacific .. just west of Seattle currently … counterclockwise rotating as well.. the whole storm is heading ESE towards Oregon and North California…. Eventually this off the west coast will push eastwards after pulling south a bit more…. which will bring severe weather out west.. then into the southwest US states of AZ , NM , TX.

Have a severe weather plan ready just in case you ever come across a severe weather outbreak in your particular area.   shelter, food, water, communications, transportation, survival supplies (the basics)… all are needed for several scenarios.. whether it is severe weather, earthquakes, civil unrest, power outages etc..

Don’t be scared.. be prepared !