5/1/2012 — North, South, East, and West USA under severe weather

watch the updated alert here:


Screenshot at 1205am CDT 5/1/2012:

With this new line of storms breaking out in South Texas.. heading ENE… this means… several states are currently under (or will be under) severe weather :

North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Florida .

Also watch Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota to the NW.. and Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia to the SE.

Above… basically named 2/3 of the USA to be hit with severe weather at some point near term.

Several states will be effected as the storms move ENE over the next 2 days.


Northwest USA.. ID, MT, CO, NV, UT — strong cells breaking out.. heading ENE towards the upper midwest…

Midwest USA — currently under VERY severe weather.. heading ENE towards the upper midwest, northern states…

Mid-Atlantic USA / East Coast — currently under hail and damaging winds.. heading ENE towards New England…

South USA — South Texas, and South Florida under hail and damaging winds heading ENE from Texas .. and WNW from Florida

North US — currently under hail and damaging winds heading ENE into Canada from North Dakota.

Use the links here to keep track of this developing (and ongoing) severe weather situation:


4/30/2012 — Very severe weather in TX, OK, KS, MO heading ENE = be aware in MO IL KS TN KY AR

watch the video alert here:


UPDATE 1130pm CDT 4/30/2012:

the general track of this storm will put it through central missouri.. border to the south around Little Rock Arkansas — border of the severe to the northwest will be Kansas City..

Storm heading East by Northeast  a few cells heading southeast currently as well:


1015pm CDT 4/30/2012:

These cells are becoming VERY intense — large damaging hail, excessive winds, and confirmed tornadoes.

Be alert NOW in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas,and Missouri — these cells are either over you currently, or will be very shortly (1030pm CDT 4/30/2012 now).

Be aware in Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Kansas … these storms are producing damaging winds, hail, and confirmed tornadoes , and will continue to do so over the next several hours (days).

Lake of the Ozarks MO, Jefferson City MO , Fort Smith AR , north of Little rock all the way to Saint Louis Missouri … also Kansas City south to Joplin… prepare now.

East coast .. Virginia , West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, New York, New England.. be on notice of the possibility of extreme weather coming your way.


Monitor severe weather using the link below to dozens of sites: