3/1/2012 — Next severe weather outbreak on the doorstep — Midwest , South, Southeast be aware

watch the coming system via the video update here:


The past 48-72 hours was a wild one when it comes to severe weather — 2/28 , 2/29 and into the AM of 3/1/2012 …… tornadoes, damaging winds, and hail… multiple fatalities reported in multiple states across the midwest USA.

BE AWARE — the next system may mimic the recent storm that just passed through causing so much damage.

Now we are seeing the NEXT storm system come ashore on the west coast .. California, Oregon, and Washington state — currently passing over Nevada – Utah – Idaho… the storm center heading east / southeast towards the general direction of south Colorado/New Mexico border.

If this storm taps into the warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico — we will see a repeat of that past 2 days storms occur about a day from now (March 1 2012).



here are all the weather links you will need:



2/29/2012 — Oklahoma FRACKING — and Utah pumping / DORMANT Veyo Volcano Earthquakes

Watch the video update and overview of the areas here:




Here are the USGS coordinates for each earthquake:

Oklahoma Fracking site earthquake : 35.667°N, 97.102°W



Utah pumping station / Dormant volcano: 37.359°N, 113.842°W





California Mt. Shasta and Oregon Lava field nearby CA quake: 41.143°N, 123.793°W




My past videos on fracking , earthquakes, dormant volcanoes , and nuclear power plants.. and their connection to one another.. whey we are seeing an uptick in earthquakes at each type of location:



Dormant Volcanoes..


nuclear power plant earthquakes…