12/14/2012 — Nevada RADAR Frequency pulse — produces state wide HAIL returns

December 14, 2012 — from the NEXRAD RADAR station just north of Reno, Nevada — a large pulse of radio frequency energy was emitted , which in turn produced multiple actual HAIL returns detected by storm tracking.

(click to enlarge):

RADAR pulse produces hail return dec 14 2012


2km RADAR view from College of Dupage — showing the pulse out of west nevada (return in bright green, which then turned to white/red):

huge hail ice outbreak nevada dec 14 2012aa


NEXRAD RADAR 100NMview (college of dupage feed):

huge hail ice outbreak nevada dec 14 2012a


At the same time of the pulse — Intellicast storm tracking picked up multiple returns of Hail :

huge hail ice outbreak nevada dec 14 2012




High frequency pulse.. producing heating .. which in turn produces CCN (cloud condensation nuclei) .. Ions.. which form into water droplets…

then.. because its cold aloft where this is taking place.. the droplets cool into ice.. which is quickly detected as HAIL by the computer before it dissipates


more on RADAR heating the atmosphere here:



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