10/30/2012 — Bayou Corne , Louisiana — Sinkhole grows MUCH bigger

10/29/2012 — Flyover of the sinkhole site:


watch the whole flyover list from the first until today — compare first flyover in August to the above video — the sinkhole has grown extremely large


watch all the meetings/briefings from officials here:


Plot the whole location on climate viewer here (see all adjacent domes/wells in the area which may also be effected by this large sinking event):  Make special note of HOW MANY other wells/domes are in the area…



Green (mr.yuk) symbols = injection wells

Blue Water Waves = water wells

Black = Oil and Gas wells

Red Dots = bubble sites around sinkhole

White oval lines = the outline of the entire salt dome complex



A zoom in on the area shows how close the other wells/domes are: