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7/01/2015 — Oklahoma Residents can now SUE Fracking companies for damages — Supreme Court Rules

Huge victory against oil / gas companies causing damage via fracking/injection earthquakes ! After a series of dark moments for freedom in Oklahoma, and Texas (when state legislators passed laws which PREVENT locals from being able to stop fracking in their own towns) now the Oklahoma Supreme Court has issued a ruling which could be

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6/30/2015 — After 800 years of silence , Mount Hakone Erupts in South Japan — 45 miles from Tokyo

After 800 years of silence, the long dormant Mount Hakone Volcano has finally awoken. This volcano hasn’t erupted since the middle ages, 1170AD ! New flyover released today (June 30, 2015): News report here: Video report here: Over the past two months, warning signs have been showing around the ancient volcano, which is located just

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6/29/2015 — Tornado forms near St. Louis RADAR yet again — Another MAN MADE ‘MICROWAVE induced’ tornado

Another tornado formed near the TDWR RADAR in Saint Louis Missouri / St. Charles, MO. How many times is too many times before people realize high power microwave transmissions are inducing severe storm rotation above the transmitter?! View the storm when it hit as seen from my house in South St. Louis, MO: Between the

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5/26/2014 — Professionals ask “Are Airports tornado magnets?” — Radio Frequency Weather Modification 101

Answer = No ….. airports are not tornado magnets. Instead, something at the airport is the “magnet”. Microwave RADARs are confirmed tornado magnets.  Microwaves are proved to be tornadic vortex generators. The Weather Channel explains how microwaves can induce a tornadoes rotation:   This past week showed us several examples of something we’ve seen for

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6/29/2015 — Two Earthquakes 1,000 miles apart– RELATED?! — California Volcano + Oklahoma Fracking

Two earthquakes occurred virtually back to back from one another across 1,000 miles — one in California (at a dormant volcano), and the other in Oklahoma (at a fracking operation). I believe these events are related.  I will explain more below the graphic. Above: Two “back to back” earthquakes struck in the United States ,

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6/28/2015 — Man Made Tornado forms over Jacksonville Florida International Airport / Naval Submarine Base

How many times is too many times before people realize high power microwave transmissions are inducing rotation above the transmitters? Today, June 28, a rare tornado was detected (rotation forming) DIRECTLY over the NEXRAD RADAR transmitter located along the flank of the Jacksonville Florida International Airport / Naval submarine base (NSB).   This has happened

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6/28/2015 — Another SpaceX rocket Explosion = New elite fireworks company for the rich + powerful

Another rocket explosion from SpaceX. From the SpaceX fireworks Mega Store?! lol ! Soon to be EX-space company if things keep going this way. In all seriousness, thank God that no live cargo has been on any of these rocket launches by SpaceX.   This whole business , of course, is “rocket science” — all

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6/28/2018 — Hawaii 5.0 — Earthquake strikes the Big Island of Hawaii (M5.2 revised up)

A 5.0 in Hawaii, and we’re not talking the famous police TV show, nor are we talking surfing terms… A large, and rare magnitude 5.0 earthquake has struck the big island of Hawaii near the flanks of Kilauea Volcano. (now revised up to M5.2) Seen in a screenshot from Google Earth, the earthquake epicenter is

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6/28/2015 — Taiwan Dance Disaster — Pool Party Powder Flash Fire Blast + Burn — False Flag?

In regards to the Taiwan rainbow ‘color party’ which supposedly caught on fire.. Hold on.. not so fast! Here they are.. the color party people.. Notice anything out of the ordinary? https://www.facebook.com/pages/Color-Party-%E5%BD%A9%E8%89%B2%E7%B2%89%E6%9C%AB%E9%80%81%E8%88%8A%E6%B4%BE%E5%B0%8D/106531833011343

6/27/2015 — India border hit by noteworthy M5.7 Earthquake — Forecast area hit

A fairly large M5.7 earthquake has struck at the India / China border region. This earthquake was forecast to occur on June 22, 2015, a 7 day warning was issued, today is day 4-5 of the warning. We were expecting to see a 5.0 – 6.0 earthquake strike the India / China Eastern border area,

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