9/16/2014 — Amazing lava flows at Bardarbunga Volcano in Iceland


Amazing video released by the RUV (Icelandic Geologic Agency). Showing several minutes worth of lava flows occurring at Icelands Bardarbunga Volcano. The first two weeks of September proving phenomenal for anyone who studies volcanism.

Animated .gifs of recent lava flows from Iceland:







Last week, a TORNADO formed over the lava flows, producing a toxic, boiling hot vortex of Sulfur Dioxide. Watch that video here:


Bardarbunga Volcano still going stong, currently picking up in intensity..

Screenshot September 16 2014 400pm CDT


Watch the live stream here:


The Icelandic Geologic Agency (RUV) has provided multiple HD videos of these impressive lava flows occurring from a new volcanic fissure which opened up a few miles from the original Bardarbunga caldera.

All videos publicly accessible here:






This video is a repost.

This original video was FLAGGED DOWN by “euronews”, falsely claiming they “own” the rights to the public RUV Icelandic agency lava footage. I’ve made 100% sure this footage is public domain, released by RUV itself (the icelandic version of the USGS).

It was my most popular video this month, took down. Last month, they took down the Mexico crack / fissure in the ground video, my most popular video last month. Meanwhile everyone elses video showing the same thing still stands (and they’re even running ads on their videos no less!)

I’m seeing a pattern.

9/12/2014 — Earthquake activity picking up in pace — Past 48 hours plotted

Earthquakes and Solar Flares?  There is a correlation.

The solar activity over the past several days has been “active” to say the least.  Multiple flares, and CME’s occurring, directed towards Earth, have began to intersect our planet as of last night.


Beginning with the M-class (M5) flare 4 days ago, followed by the X-class (X1.6) on September 10th, and THREE subsequent M-class events on the 11th (seen on the chart below)…. the concurrent waves of energy will make for rough sailing the next few days.

Above: The GOES Xray Flux chart shows the detections of the multiple solar blasts , measured using a standard international astronomical lettering system (seen on the right of the chart), and in orders of power measured in Watts (seen on the left of the chart).

This flurry of solar activity leads me to make a new Earthquake update, rather cursory…. nevertheless…. larger earthquakes are something we need to be on the watch for following these massive incoming solar blasts.

Here are the most recent larger earthquakes plotted on the globe.  Showing the last 48 hours of activity, 5.0 magnitude and greater, in the Eastern and Western hemispheres.  Also these screenshots show the United States activity, 2.5M and greater.

earthquakes sept 12 2014

In the above diagram, the lower right screenshot shows all the USGS earthquakes over the past 7 days, 4.0M+ globally. Clearly several areas are showing above normal activity already, not counting this incoming solar flare.

One of the last “Solar Shockwaves” that was fully directed towards Earth just so happened to occur a few days before the Japan Mega-Earthquake of 2011.

See that blast here:

This new incoming solar blast is almost a repeat of the above seen 2011 X-class flare which happened the 2 days before the Japan mega-earthquake.

Lets hope that was just “coincidence”.

Regardless of chance, be ready just in case.

Watch the prone area near British Columbia / Vancouver Island.  Also, watch Central Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Taiwan (to South Japan), and Kamchatka Russia for possible large scale movement in the next 3 days.  Several areas will most likely show heavy movement, not just one.

Southern California near Salton Sea is an area already moving, possible swarm activity may begin to occur, with larger activity South in Baja.

I’d expect a noticeable increase in activity to occur along the edge of the North American Craton (in the 4.0M+ range) over the next 2 days.

Europe… watch North Italy!!!

How do we know where the solar blast hits?  One way which I’ve found (quite by accident I might add), is to watch the MIMIC TPW microwave background imagery.

When the blast arrives, the side of the Earth which is facing the Sun upon arrival seen a large distortion appear on this feed:



Here is an example of blast arrival on November 14, 2013, and Earthquake swarm which occurred at the Southern tip of the arrival blast point near Antarctica:

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