4/23/2014 — CBS News — SCALAR Weather Modification proved — Dual beams cause instant storms

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This is an amazing public disclosure.  Link below from CBS News.

SCALAR wave interferometry confirmed to induce plasma at a distance from the transmitter.  Done using lasers.


What did I just say?

Using two beams, 1st beam stripping electrons creating a plasma bubble (filament) in the atmosphere, 2nd beam pulsing into bubble, pumping it up.

The 2nd beam can also control / move the plasma bubble once it is formed.

The controlled plasma bubble “filament” then generates CCN (cloud condensation nuclei / raindrops).

Even more simply put, crossing two beams causes particles, which form into rain.   The area can be moved to wherever the beams are targeted.

lasers weather control weather modification


The 1st beam strips the electrons, the 2nd beam pulses (their word not mine) providing additional power to the first beam, which is doing the heavy lifting action of stripping the electrons from the atmosphere.

The 2nd beam “Pumps” the electrons plasma into something larger, and is able to control the plasma bubble once it forms.

This diagram shows how the process works , alongside a real life example caught on RADAR over a Nevada Military testing range (coming from two NEXRAD RADARs in different states, targeted , one beam causing excitement inside the other beam)

scalar waves


Maybe it would be better to hear it explained DIRECTLY by Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden in his original explanation from the 1980′s.

He is proved correct now.

Dutchsinse confirmed on Scalar RADAR , weather… by dutchsinse



Here are real life examples caught on RADAR of the SCALAR interference effect in the United States:




The US Navy did this same experiment in 2013 using ONLY frequency .  Using the HAARP (IRI in Alaska), and RADAR.

They created a plasma bubble in the atmosphere, sustained it for over and hour, and were able to ‘pulse / pump’ the plasma , and control the multiple KM wide bubble once it was fully formed.



This quote (to me) is the highlight of the article… proving the hypothesis correct, that frequency weather modification via pumping an area to the point of creating plasma, then produces a weather event  (i.e. HAARP rings / RADAR pulses).

“Previous work done by other researchers have led to some type of “electrical event” in clouds — raising an added risk of a lightning strike when seeding clouds with lasers, according to the researchers.

“What would be nice is to have a sneaky way which allows us to produce an arbitrary long ‘filament extension cable.’ It turns out that if you wrap a large, low intensity, doughnut-like ‘dress’ beam around the filament and slowly move it inward, you can provide this arbitrary extension,” Mills said in a statement.”




“For many Americans who wished they could change the weather — whether it be in the Northeast during this past winter or in drought-stricken California — researchers may have found a way to aim a high-energy laser beam into clouds to make it rain or trigger lightning.

The existence of condensation, storms and lightning are all due to the presence of large amounts of static electricity in the clouds. Researchers from the University of Central Florida and the University of Arizona say that a laser beam could activate those large amounts of static electricity and create storms on demand.

By surrounding a beam with another beam that will act as an energy reservoir, the central beam will be sustained for greater distances than previously possible. The secondary beam will refuel and help to prevent the dissipation of the primary beam, which would break down quickly on its own.

Although lasers can already travel great distances, it behaves differently than usual, collapsing inward on itself when a laser beam becomes intense enough, according to Matthew Mills, a graduate student at the UFC Center for Research and Education in Optics and Lasers.

“The collapse becomes so intense that electrons in the air’s oxygen and nitrogen are ripped off creating plasma — basically a soup of electrons,” Mills explained in a statement.

Afterwards, the plasma tries to spread the beam back out — causing an internal struggle between collapsing and spreading — what’s known as “filamentation.” This process in turn creates a light string that lasts only until the beam disperses.

“Because a filament creates excited electrons in its wake as it moves, it artificially seeds the conditions necessary for rain and lightning to occur,” Mills explained.

Previous work done by other researchers have led to some type of “electrical event” in clouds — raising an added risk of a lightning strike when seeding clouds with lasers, according to the researchers.

“What would be nice is to have a sneaky way which allows us to produce an arbitrary long ‘filament extension cable.’ It turns out that if you wrap a large, low intensity, doughnut-like ‘dress’ beam around the filament and slowly move it inward, you can provide this arbitrary extension,” Mills said in a statement.

“Since we have control over the length of a filament with our method, one could seed the conditions needed for a rainstorm from afar. Ultimately, you could artificially control the rain and lightning over a large expanse with such ideas.”

Future applications of this method could be used in long distance sensors or in spectrometers for chemical makeups.

“This work could ultimately lead to ultra-long optically induced filaments or plasma channels that are otherwise impossible to establish under normal conditions,” Demetrios Christodoulides, a professor that is working with the graduate students on the project, said in a statement.

Using this method, Mills, along with fellow graduate researcher Ali Miri, have extended the pulse seven-fold — from just under a foot to around seven feet. Still, they’re not done yet, with hopes to extend the filament even further.

Development of the technology was funded by the Department of Defense and the researchers’ findings were published in the journal Nature Photonics.



Curious how frequency can be used to control the weather?


Watch the playlist here as well:

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4/20/2014 — Yellowstone / Jackson WY Landslide — URANIUM Mine , Copper Mine + Fracking earthquakes

April 20, 2014

So far, we’ve seen a  day of interesting earthquakes, and geologic events.

The most dramatic movement of the weekend is shown via multiple pictures of a large hillside giving way in Jackson, Wyoming (the first major town just South of Yellowstone national park).

jackson wyoming


What is being reported as an “abrupt lurch” causes a large crack to appear in a hillside.  The large movement split a house in half, and moved roads / parking lots below.

jackson wyoming movement april 19 2014s


“A rapid and sudden shift in a slow-moving landslide in Jackson, Wyo., has residents rattled and experts looking for answers.

The down-falling movement Friday created a fracture several feet deep in the ground beneath a house in the northwest Wyoming town in, causing it to split in two.

Workers who had been striving to stabilize the 100-feet-high hillside since early April, when town officials first noticed movement, were forced to suspend their efforts. Several other homes and businesses were also threatened by the abrupt land movement.”


Today (April 20th) was ANOTHER “surface” earthquake in Nevada…  in the same region as the previous multiple 3.0M+ events, and the same general area as the dormant volcanoes (Lunar Crater Complex).

The newest earthquake occurring due North of the previous surface events, this current 3.2M struck close to a long abandoned URANIUM mine.

abandoned uranium mine earthquakes april 20 2014





Also, another earthquake struck due East of Nevada, near Salt Lake City, Utah.

Measuring 3.2M , at a depth of 4.2 miles — this event happened very close to the largest Copper mine in the world.  The Kennecot Copper mines just South of Salt Lake.

kennecot mines

kennecot copper mines earthquake april 20 2014


This earthquake cannot be related to the strip mine , unless they have a hidden record breaking depth shaft dug out that we don’t know about !


The midwest US then saw two back to back 4.0M + 3.7M earthquakes strike the Central Oklahoma fracking operation .

These two earthquakes happening within a few hundred feet of each other (AGAIN .. sigh…).

The earthquake epicenters just 750 feet away from the nearest well head.

4.0m fracking earthquake april 20 2014

4.0M event:


3.7M event:



Finally, on a more coincidental note, we saw an earthquake strike the Easter Island region .. on Easter day.

It is fairly rare to see sizable earthquakes in the Easter Island region, one every few months, to few years……. while not unheard of, it is a ‘coincidence’ worth making note of.   Two 5.0M+ events in the past few days.

5.4 easter island april 20 2014



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